Drawing the Line

Drawing The Line - Dissenting Voices In Contemporary Comics

Drawing the Line was a comic art exhibition at neurotitan gallery in Berlin, April 2016.

featured artists:

Radical Jetset // www.radical-jetset.com
Patu // www.patupatu.com
Maik Hasenbank // www.maikhasenbank.com
Tine Fetz // www.tinefetz.net
Akvile Magicdust // www.akvilemagicdust.com
Paula Bulling // www.paulabulling.net
Max Baitinger //  www.maxbaitinger.com
Marlene Krause // www.marlenekrause.de
Rebecca Rosen // www.cargocollective.com/rebeccarosen
Barrack Rima // www.barrackrimaa.blogspot.de

for more infos go to: www.neurotitan.de

more images at: www.flickr.com/maha81