Emma Goldman Comic Project

Some day, some time, Long after we are gone, Liberty may again raise its proud head. It is up to us to blaze its way - Dim as our torch may seem today, It is still the one flame.
— Emma Goldman

In June 2018, I was assigned to write and draw a biography of Emma Goldman as a comic by Unrast Verlag. If you don't know Emma Goldman, read this article on Teen Vogue: https://www.teenvogue.com/story/emma-goldman-born...   It is something, I’m pretty excited about. I read Goldman’s work in my teens and it had big influence on me. But this is also an opportunity to approach it with fresh eyes.

As a prominent figure in the late 19th/early 20th century anarchist movement, her story guides us through the political struggles of her lifetime: the labor movement, the fight for women’s rights, freedom of speech, the anti-war movement during World War One, the red scares and the rise of fascism. These histories are still relevant today, and its the reason why I wanted to do this story.

My aim is not to write a typical biographical comic, but to experiment with its form (as much as possible) to give the reader a captivating story. It will offer a comprehensive overview of Goldman’s theories, life and times.

To do this book, I will need your support. Independent publishers don’t have money these days. I got about twelve months to finish this project, and that’s a very tight calculation for a project like this. Basically it’s an unpaid full time job, so I’ll need your help to make this book happen.

So if you’d like to support this project, you could help me with spreading the word, or click on one of these buttons below to donate. Either here directly with a one time donation or even regularly on my patreon.

Your support will make this book possible and mean the world to me.

Thank you :)

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